Thank you for your interest in attending the FREE Online Safety & Awareness (OSA) Seminar where our goal is to advise, alert and arm you with information to use technology safely and appropriately.

To register, please fill in your details below. Event registration must be completed by FEBRUARY 6, 2019. NOTE: You must be 18+ or older to register. Children, ages 10 – 17, must be registered with a parent or guardian. No day care services will be provided.

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    1. Please read the statement below carefully.

      •     •Topics: I understand that some topics (i.e., sexting, pornography, trafficking and cyberbullying) may be discussed and/or mentioned during the mature children sessions.
      •     •Mature children sessions: I understand that only children I authorize below can attend the mature children sessions.
      •     •Non-mature children session: I also understand that an alternative non-mature session will also be available for children to attend in lieu of the mature session where the topics mentioned above will not be discussed. Children not designated to attend the mature session, will only be allowed to attend the non-mature session.
Session Questions
  1. CybersecurityLaw EnforcementMental HealthBiblical
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